About Thread Art:

Stitch kit works are the easiest craft activity that I do. I like this because I don’t have to concentrate much while doing this and whenever I get time, I can continue from where I stopped earlier. I don’t have to set up anything for this; it just needs threads and needle.
Warning!! 1) There is not much creativity involved in stitch kit projects.2) What you need the most for this work is ” patience” and “more patience”.
You can get stitch kits in any craft shop. You can buy them online also. The kits will have the image on the front, which is exactly how your picture will look once finished. The kit will have standard threads required for the project, a needle, a canvas which has the outline of the picture, and the instruction slip. The instruction slip will have clear instructions as to what colored threads need to be filled in different parts of the picture on the canvas.  The stitch involved is simple straight or cross stitches. Follow the instruction slip and fill the threads on the canvas. That’s it.
The holes on the canvas are small and it requires a lot of patience while filling it with threads. It’s completely a monotonous work. So, I suggest not doing it at one shot. Take breaks. Since this does not involve much of brain work, you can do this while watching TV or whenever you are free. Once the picture is completely filled with threads, frame the picture to give it a more elegant look.

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