Finally, A Place to express myself

Me Hi friends, Thanks for visiting my blog…

Hmmm.. thanks for what? Am I becoming like the guys who thank someone [ especially girls 🙂 ..] for accepting their humble friend request in FB? Is someone showing courtesy accepting you as their friend? I dont know!!.. anyways, I should thank you atleast for showing interest to visit my page..

Was going through DIGIT magazine in the sleepy afternoon today n found a article listing once popular but now outdated stuffs on technology arena like Orkut, Blu-Ray disc,Bhuvan from Isro(dont know when it was popular!!) and at last Blogger.. Just remembered the days when it was considered as ‘cool’ to have blog in blogger with (Even I had one !!). In the same article they have mentioned it has been completely wiped out by new blog tools like WordPress n others.. So just giving a try to be cool once again.. 😉 Will have some fun here..

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