Struggle to Glory

Me and my friend Sampath were in a restaurant on that day waiting for the ordered food cursing the waiter, who made us to wait a long for the food… A few mins later we were able to think from their point of view. How difficult the day may be for them, standing and serving food to the people all day to whom they have never seen and may never see in future. Keeping the energy alive for the whole day seemed to be such a tough task compared to us who really get tired after shopping around (better to say roaming around ) in a AC mall for just a couple of hours.

Thinking about  these so called ‘blue collar job’ guys, wondering about the differences created in the society around us just based on the matter of education. Do we really deserve the comfortable luxury life and these people really deserve a life where each day is kind of fight for survival? Thanks to our parents who made us to come till this point by providing quality education and comfortable environment for the same.Struggle to Glory

Sometimes I just wonder how this economical classification in the society works. The poor stays poor and he will not be able to provide the quality education to his kids, and the same thing continues for their upcoming generation. Every morning we get to see these gipsy workers digging the roadside here or there for pipeline or for providing network cables to the bigger  companies where people sit under AC and connect with the outside world through these cables. Do you think the children of these workers will ever manage to reach the school benches?  But on the other side every middle or upper middle class man takes care that his son/daughter get everything which is needed to take their quality of life to next level. Even for school admission he thinks a thousand times about the options and picks the best for his kid. This way if we see poor continues to be poor and rich continues to be rich.

In conclusion, is it just the education that works for the success or something else? not really..

Whenever I think of all these things, my grandmother comes to my mind and I feel proud about her for all the struggle she faced to nurture  her children and her stubbornness to make them well settled in their life during the extreme difficult days. My father still remembers the day when he had to walk from a town called Udupi where he was studying his pre university, to home which is around 15 Kms from Udupi just for the sake he wanted to have coffee in the hotel and didn’t have enough money to come by bus after paying for coffee. I see the joy and sense of achievement in his eyes, sitting inside his own car, travelling on the same route, where he had to walk once. How good he may be feeling!. I am very sure, every family has a one success tale to tell.

But where am I? I don’t have any such success story, I have not struggled to be what I am now. but it seems like this world is more full of people like me.

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